Executive Committee


The Executive Committee implements, influences, and reviews the actions of the organization as well as its strategic plan. It also manages international media relations and public relations.


This committee keeps a record of all of its proceedings, which then is reported at the following meeting of the board.

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee assists the board in overseeing all of Prenatal Alliance’s budgeting and financial needs, including ensuring that all financial reporting requirements are fulfilled.

Education and Research Committee


The Education and Research Committee is responsible for reviewing the Organization's educational articles; supporting members in their role of prospective parents and parents; and offering practical advice for professionals; all on the basis of the Prenatal Alliance guidelines.

Prenatal Memory Committee


This committee provides various information regarding the concept of Memories of Prenatal Life in children and adults.

International Campaign Committee


The International Campaign Committee organizes integrated communication campaigns, online and offline, according to the organization guidelines.