Welcome to
Prenatal Alliance


We are a purpose-driven organization with a mission to promote awareness about the relevance of the beginning of life, from conception, pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding, for the quality of Human Civilization.


Our Values


We are individually and collectively committed to fostering the following values, worldwide:


  • Prenatal parenting – The importance of parenting our baby prior to conception, at conception, during pregnancy and birth


  • Babies first – The unborn baby is a conscious and sentient being who reacts, responds, learns; he/she thrives when surrounded by love and harmony, nurtured by his/her mother, especially when she is supported by the father, family and society at large


  • Safety – Women need to feel safe and respected during the time they are forming and welcoming a baby into this world

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  • Inspiration – Inspiration is paramount for women to trust the processes of life and be knowledgeable of the powerful role nature gave them through their physiology for the optimal formation of their baby


  • Evidence based – Offer evidence based resources to support prospective and expecting couples, as well as birth professional and educators


  • Together we can do more – We know the power of diversity and understand that cooperative relationships come in all shapes and sizes, so we welcome all who wish to join us, lay people as well as experts, in building networks for pregnant families worldwide to strengthen our message


Our Vision


. That every person on earth is aware of the utmost relevance of conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding for a planet peopled with thriving, loving and altruistic children and adults


. Every pregnant woman supported and inspired by her community, as well as by her partner, both of them conscious of the power nature gave her to form and nurture in her womb a healthy future adult, capable of self-love, love towards others, our planet and the sublime – a "Homo sapiens frater"


. That every baby is conceived, gestated, born, breastfed and nurtured in a loving, joyous, healthy, harmonious and respectful way


Our Objectives


The objective of Prenatal Alliance is to inform every person about the power inherent in us during conception and pregnancy to create and inspire the new generation yet to be born.


In support of its main objective, the organization has a wide range of functions, including the following:


. To mobilize worldwide attention to the importance of prenatal life for the development of a healthier, globally empowered and fraternal human civilization


. To communicate to teenagers the new fundamental information about their responsibilities and choices as future parents


. To give information to couples about the impact of their lifestyle and birth choices, as well as their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state during conception and pregnancy on the child's complete wellbeing




. To share and support relevant research and information on prenatal life and where science meets ancient wisdoms.


. To assist individuals, organizations and governments, upon request, regarding prenatal parenting


. To disseminate healing practices to help mothers and couples become more harmonized and bonded with their unborn baby


. To promote educational programs and campaigns, agreements and regulations, promoting prenatal parenting, regionally and internationally


. To collaborate with other organizations, institutions and health centers to disseminate information on prenatal life and parenting