Susana Lopes



Susana is the President of the Norwegian Association for Prenatal Education, a prenatal educator, prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, author, speaker and advocate for pregnant moms and their conscious babies. Her present work includes guiding women to effectively release stress and anxiety from their body and improve their overall health and connection with their baby.

Carla Machado


Deputy Secretary-General

Carla is the founder and President of ANEP Brazil (National Association for Prenatal Education) since 2010, and is also an Astrologist, Psychotherapist, Flower Essences Therapist and Prenatal Educator. After having worked as a System Analyst for 12 years at IBM, she changed gears in 1998 after the birth of her first child and became a facilitator of therapeutic women's groups that work with fairy tales and art crafts.

Jennifer Kozlow


 Jennifer Kozlow is ICCE-IAT, CD, ITP, ICPFE, Director PREVIDA Foundation Certified Perinatal Educator and Trainer of innovative methodologies for more effective childbirth preparation courses. Author, Editor of Maternity Health publications and International Conference Speaker.

Laura Uplinger


Laura is the Vice-President of ANEP Brazil (National Association for Prenatal Education). Since the late 1970s, she has been a proponent of the powerful influence of a mother’s inner life on the formation of her prenate. She often leads workshops and gives talks about prenatal parenting at conferences and webinars for birth professionals and the public at large in the Americas and Europe. She also addresses high schools and university students on the subject of prenatal and perinatal psychology. The name of one of her most effective workshops is "Pro Mundo Nascer Feliz" (For the World to be Born Happy).

Dr. Shital Lathiya


Shital is a Physiotherapist,Teenage Health coach, Women Health Trainer, a Garbh Sanskar Coach, Founder of Mommy's Touch (The Garbh Sanskar Institute) and Author of - Khiltu Pushp (prayers for pregnant mothers). She has been working as a private practitioner in the field of physiotherapy since 2000 and helps women as a prenatal education coach since 2005 as well as conducting society awareness programs about maternity, general womens health and traditional values.

François Amigues


Francois is the President of the Canadian Association for Prénatal Education (C.A.P.E.), director of I.D.E.A.L. Family, member of O.M.A.E.P. and student of prenatal education since 1986. Osteopath (D.O.) oriented towards couples, pregnant women and newborns for the last 25 years. Lecturing and teaching prenatal education as well as Pediatric and Obstetric Osteopathy throughout Canada, the US, Brazil, France and Russia.

Nese Karabekir


Nese is a Psychodrama Therapist and Trainer /Individual Psychodrama Therapist/ Birth Psychologist/ Birth With No Regret Educator / Lamaze Certified ChildbirthEducator / Active Birth Educator/HypnoBirthing Trainer. She is co-founder of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute(1996), Istanbul Birth Academy (2010), Birth With No Regrets and President of the Hand to Hand for Birth Association (2015) and Vice President of ISPPM. She currently gives Doula and Birth Psychotherapist training as well as continuing her therapeutic work in Istanbul. Recently she has been awarded the 2019 Educator Award for APPPAH.

Dr. Liangkun Ma


 Liangkun Ma, Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), Beijing, China. Chair of the Mother & Child Health Management Committee of the Chinese Medical Educational Association. Chair of the Obstetric Committee of Public Education branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Chair of the postpartum nutrition group, postpartum rehabilitation of Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine. Chair of the Kingmed Mother & Child Health Foundation of Peking Union Medical Foundation. Chair of Coree Research Foundation for the research of prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases of Peking Union Medical Foundation.

Yuko Igarashi


Yuko is a Prenatal Memory Navigator, English/Japanese Trans-Creator, an International Coordinator aiming to be a global Social Entrepreneur. She is an international Coordinator for the Prenatal Memory Education Association and has launched the Prenatal Memory Global Project in 2018 with top leading researchers, Dr. Akira Ikegawa and Dr. Masayuki Ohkado. She believes prenatal memory is the foundation of Trans-Universal Heutagogy which is the greatest global education and self-learning method to teach unconditional love, sustainable living and how to build a peaceful future for our children.

Guillaume Courmont


Guillaume is a musician, vocal, choir coach, music educator, sono-therapist and long time advocate of the importance of pre- and perinatal life. For many years he has been part of various events for the National Association for Prenatal Education (ANEP). As a singer, he has always been fascinated by the powers of frequency. The world will be incredibly beautiful when we know how to truly live, prepare ourselves to bring new life into the world and connect with it, and all consciously use our voices!

Sammantha Ying


Sammi is the Founder of Bliss Mom Maternity Wellness Center. She is a Childbirth Educator and Dancing For Birth Instructor. She introduced a 'Holistic Pregnancy Program” to pregnant moms, which includes prenatal and birth education, prenatal exercise, and postpartum care. For the past three years, she has been promoting this holistic approach to new families. She is dedicated to improving the well being of women and children in Shenzhen, China by guiding the new families to welcome and prepare for their birth experience with the right care. Through teaching, she has helped thousands of moms to achieve a lovely pregnancy and smooth natural birth.

Lubka Kolesar-Amigues


Lubka has a MA in psychology from the California Institute for Human Sciences. Life Coach in NLP since 2006, and teacher of Paneurythmy during the summer retreats at IDEAL. Mother of 2 children. Board of director for the I.D.E.A.L. Society from 2016 to 2019. Operatic singer for the last 15 years. Founder of annual music festival “Opera Under the Stars''. Co-executor for prenatal symposiums in Canada since 2003. Singer and instructor of guided imagery meditation for prenatal workshops in Canada ,USA and Brazil.

Matheus Almeida


Matheus Almeida is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. During his 13 years of practice he has worked in his private office, and with an NGO working with marginalized low income families in Rio de Janeiro. A professor at the Brazilian Acupuncture College, and invited professor at the Brazilian College of Chinese Medicine, he is part of the ANEP Brazil Team. He lectures at conferences and runs a tutoring program for the advanced study of classical Chinese Medicine texts. Somehow destiny put me in the trail of pregnant woman and I have embraced it. Now I use ancient chinese knowledge to help whoever needs my assistance.

Maria Fernanda Cavinato


Maria Fernanda is a Brazilian physician, who got interested in homeopathy while still in medical school because of the enthusiasm and joy of the homeopathic doctors that simply filled the room! By getting in touch with the concept of health and disease offered by homeopathy, she chose to study this field of healing. In her practice, she addresses the physical, sensorial, intellectual and emotional spheres; after having joined ANEP Brazil, she started encompassing the conception, gestation and birth experiences of her patients. She teaches and supervises a group of physicians who work in a government social program in remote rural communities.

Yukta Mukhi


Student of Siddha Yoga Sadhana, who had the honor of winning the Miss World crown for India, in 1999, with the blessings of her beloved Shree Guru. Mother and initiated into ancient wisdoms, who grew up with Fine Arts and classical music. Her focus is now on natural and sustainable endeavors for children and families, such as eco-communities based on Ayurveda and agnihotra agriculture, along with hand spinning and hand-weaving fabrics. Early Childhood Waldorf Educator specialized in Remedial Education for children with learning difficulties and food allergies. Trained on RIE (Magda Gerber’s Respectful Infant Education) and an Environmentalist working with several Indian NGOs. Lifestyle Coach for Sustainability in chemical free & earth friendly modern urban living.

Joel Evans


Joel M. Evans, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN and an international lecturer. He is the Director of The Center for Functional Medicine in Stamford, CT., and Chief of Medical Affairs for the Institute for Functional Medicine healthcare. He was honored to speak at the United Nations on the topic of Prenatal Origins of Violence, as a UN Representative and Chief Medical Advisor for OMAEP – the World Organization for the Prenatal Education Associations and the Medical Director and Advisory Board member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). His book on the holistic approach to pregnancy, The Whole Pregnancy Handbook, has received widespread critical acclaim and media attention.